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Variegated Thread 1000m

Embroider with our Marathon Ultima Viscose Rayon Variegated Threads to accent, highlight or blend with either or both colours to create special tone. It contains the 6 multi-colours and 14 Ombre Shades. Available in 20 vibrant colours in 1,000m cones.  $7.13 (GST inc.) 


Please view our new CHRISTMAS Variegated thread.  (Available as of 1st June 2013.)




Qty  :


Colors Available
- We strongly advise our clients to own a colour chart book as colours can vary when viewed online.
5510 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5510
QTY:  $7.13
5005 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5005 (Rainbow)
QTY:  $7.13
5505 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5505
QTY:  $7.13
5508 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5508
QTY:  $7.13
5509 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5509
QTY:  $7.13
5511 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5511
QTY:  $7.13
5006 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5006
QTY:  $7.13
5506 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5506
QTY:  $7.13
5001 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5001 (Pale Heirloom)
QTY:  $7.13
5503 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5503
QTY:  $7.13
5512 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5512
QTY:  $7.13
5003 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5003
QTY:  $7.13
5501 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5501
QTY:  $7.13
5507 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5507
QTY:  $7.13
5504 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5504
QTY:  $7.13
5502 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5502
QTY:  $7.13
5004 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5004
QTY:  $7.13
5002 Variegated Thread 1000m-color:5002
QTY:  $7.13

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