Le Stiletto Shanghai Thread Kit (20 x 1,000m)

AUD $114.00 GST INC.

Thread kit only.

99999 in stock

Thread kit only. Le Stiletto designs can be purchased directly from Hatched In Africa.

Thread Colours Used by Hatched in Africa (20 x 1,000m) - Please note that many of the colours listed below can be used for other Le Stiletto designs.

1099 (Sky Blue)

1100 (Electric Blue)

1187 (Deep Gold)

1195 (Lavender)

1180 (Black)

1419 (Red)

1285 (Leaf Green)

1112 (Mint Green)

1126 (Deep Green)

1033 (Salmon Pink)

1424 (Dark Fuchsia)

1409 (Pink)

1049 (Vermilion)

1052 (Carmine)

1004 (Lemon Yellow)

1121 (Lime Green)

1016 (Fresh Green)

1105 (Seacrest)

1267 (Light Blue)

1312 (Silver)

Colour Fastness and Washing Instructions
Conversion Chart

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