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Best embroidery information - ever!

We embroiderers want to embroider beautiful designs on just about everything and today we have the machines that allow us to do just this. Each type of material poses its own problems with hooping and stabilisers and it can be really difficult knowing the best way to embroider on velvet, t-shirts, towels and suede – to name a few.

The good news is that somebody has gone to a lot of work to determine the best way to do all this and he has put all the information on his website for us to use. His name is Kenny from Embroidery Library and in his tutorials he covers just about everything from puckering and tension to choosing colours and embroidering in the hoop.

So, if you have ever wanted to embroider on fleece, spandex, sweaters, nylon, silk, faux fur, denim, tulle and even leather, go to for detailed instructions.

Used with the kind permission of Embroidery Library.