Our Extensive Range of Machine Embroidery Threads

At Marathon Australia Pty Ltd, we stock a wide variety of embroidery threads catering to all your creative needs:

  • Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads: Explore our durable and vibrant polyester embroidery threads, ideal for commercial and industrial embroidery projects.
  • Rayon Machine Embroidery Threads: Experience our rayon threads' luxurious sheen and smooth texture, perfect for intricate embroidery designs.
  • Variegated and Metallic Machine Embroidery Threads: Discover our high-quality variegated and metallic threads. Metallic threads add a zing to your embroidery and variegated threads to accent, highlight or blend colours, enhancing your embroidery creations.

All of our rayon threads, polyester threads and variegated threads have impressive tensile strength, experience minimal thread fraying and breaks, and are perfect for completing embroidery projects at high speed.

As the leading supplier of embroidery threads in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere in Australia, we take pride in providing the best machine embroidery threads that cater to the diverse requirements of our customers.

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