Machine Embroidery Needles & Sewing Machine Needles

Enhance your sewing and embroidery endeavours with precision tools designed for optimal performance. At Marathon Australia, we offer a curated selection of Schmetz needles, catering to both embroidery machines and sewing machines.

Using purpose-made machine embroidery needles for machine embroidery is crucial for achieving peak machine performance. Avoid the pitfalls of using a basic sewing machine needle, which may result in snapping, shredding or even machine lockup due to issues like friction and the needle's eye.

Explore our extensive range of machine embroidery needles and sewing machine needles, including Schmetz needles and Orange industrial needles, available in various types and sizes to meet your specific embroidery and sewing requirements. Whether you work with polyester or rayon threads, our collection ensures you have the perfect machine embroidery needles and sewing machine needles at your fingertips.

What distinguishes our specially crafted machine embroidery needles from sewing machine needles is their generously sized eyes, facilitating easy thread passage. Unlike common sewing machine needles with small eyes that can lead to snagging, fraying or snapping, our needles minimise thread breakage and eliminate friction concerns when used with embroidery machines.

Experience seamless stitching with our thoughtfully designed embroidery needles, promising fewer disruptions and more efficient embroidery tasks. Elevate your craft with every stitch using Schmetz needles and Orange industrial needles from Marathon Australia.