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Donated threads 2

4th February 2024

Dear embroidery enthusiasts,


Wishing you a vibrant New Year brimming with creativity and joy!

In December 2023, our warehouse received a generous donation from one of our clients – 80 brand new threads and approximately 100 gently used ones, all in sizable 5,000m cones. We excitedly shared the news on our Facebook page and allocated these threads to five talented embroiderers dedicated to crafting for a cause.

Fast forward to this year, and our generosity has expanded! Our thoughtful client has donated an additional 160 cones, some with open covers but with half of the threads barely used.

If you're a home embroiderer weaving your magic for charitable causes such as crafting quilts, making toys for children, or contributing to projects for the elderly or hospitals, we extend a warm invitation. Connect with us via email, and together, let's transform this unexpected gift into heartwarming creations for those in need.

A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Frank Farhad for his generous and considerate contribution.

Warm regards,
Susie Paek